For many years experimenting with textile design, I worked with silk and leather of various weights.  A visit to India and seeing wild elephants was a defining moment and I decided to devote myself to work as a wildlife and animal conservation artist, so I just carried through the techniques I had learned to this art form.  All the large works and the graphic style big cat heads on this page are worked on luxury Connolly Leather.  The smaller pieces are on fine gloving leather and pieces left over from my One of a Kind work with clothing.


This beautiful cat and her cub  is a Sri Lankan leopard - endangered and magnificent, seen in Yala NP.

Half a hide mounted on a deep wooden panel 60"x36"


This magnificent tiger was seen in Kahna National Park in Madhya Pradesh in India.  I wanted to paint him on leather as it was fitting for such an amazing carnivorous beast.  This is painted on a full hide.  When I decided to paint this huge piece, I had to nail it to the wall of my studio and get an old fashioned tea trolley from the charity shop to move up and down with my paints!  The easels I have in the studio just couldn't cope with the size and weight so this was the most practical way to work the piece.  To give you an ideal of the scale, I am 5'7" and this lovely boy is just over life size.  His eyes will follow you wherever you move, don't ask me how I do it, but I just can! Many layers of paint and much observation seems to work!  He is now ready to give another owner as much pleasure as he has given me in my studio each day.

His vital statistics are: 75"x64" and he is displayed on artisan wrought metal poles.  The rope is hand made from the historic dockyard at Chatham.  British and proud!

He is priced at £8,500 and is absolutely unique.


This lovely girl is painted on a half hide and I was fortunate to spend some time drawing her.

The leather is mounted on a deep wooden panel 60"x36"



Two feisty cats have a roar at each other!

Half a hide mounted on a deep wooden panel 60"x 36"


TIGER:  33" X 34"

CHEETAH: 24" X 28"


These graphic style heads were an experiment to try and work in a non-photo-realistic way, not painting every whisker.  I found it just as hard using blocks of colour but ultimately loved the finished effect and kept on painting these until I had run out of leather!

They are all framed in black and mounted on panel.

        Priced at £1,750 each

LEOPARD:  27" X 33"


Tiger Eye                              Leopard Eye

Image size: 8"x6" Framed size: 12"x10"

Acrylic on leather with 24 carat pure Gold Leaf

£575 each or £1,000 pair

Miniature Tiger Head Study

Acrylic on Leather; Image size: 5"x3" Framed: 12" x 9" approx  £495

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