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These paintings are all worked in oil on linen and show the wonderful horses and young troopers of The Household Cavalry.  There are two regiments - The Lifeguards and The Blues and Royals and they are always on parade for any major ceremonial event in this country.  Nobody does ceremony and pageant like these soldiers.  In the summer they come up to Norfolk for their annual holidays and as part of this the horses are taken onto the beach to exercise and have some fun.  To see the  horses and their riders at full gallop, without saddles and totally free to run is a magical sight.  They run into the sea and mess around like everyone does on holiday! 


You may purchase work securely through my Saatchi Online gallery.  PRICES INCLUDE PACKING AND DELIVERY WORLDWIDE.  




This heavy horse has to have a pair of huge kettle drums on his back for all the ceremonial duties he undertakes.  This lovely boy is Spartacus who is now retired.  He stands proudly in Horseguards Parade in London in full dress order.  Whe he is in this regalia he takes the rank of 'Major'

Oil on linen 36" x36"/90 x 90 cms  £4680



This young trooper is the final part of The Musical Ride at the the Cavalry Open Day at the end of their annual holiday.  The horse and rider are at full gallop into the ring and this horse had all four feet off the ground - a superb end to a wonderful day.

36" x 48" £4680

IMG_3128 BEACH PM 4.jpg


To witness these horses and riders coming at you at full gallop is a thrilling and makes me feel very proud of thes soldiers and their horses.  The lads are exhilarated and excited at the chance to relax with their horses and enjoy their holiday on the beach!

38" x 63", £5560



This Cavalry horse was looking so wistfully at the sea when it was time to go back to barracks after such a good time, I just had to paint him!

24" x 16". £1560



These soldiers have the most important job to ensure the horses are kept fit to parade on the streets of London and when galloping on the sand on their holidays.  

24" x 36" . £3440

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